Christine M. Long

Christine M. Long

Firm Administrator
Senior Litigation Paralegal


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Christine Long
Christine Long is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional with a diverse background in banking and the legal fields. With over two decades of experience, she has established herself as a skilled Senior Paralegal and a valuable asset to the legal teams she has worked with.
Christine began her career at HSBC BANK US, where she spent 10 years as a Project Manager in Retail Banking and Training and Development. Her role involved managing various projects related to the marketing of retail banking products and spearheading training and development initiatives for senior management through entry level positions. During her time at HSBC, Christine demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and played a vital role in the successful implementation of new banking products and the rollout of their Personal Financial Training; a course required for all employees.
Driven by her passion for the legal field, Christine decided to further her education and graduated from Hilbert College in 2000 with a degree in Paralegal Studies. Eager to apply her newfound knowledge, she embarked on a career as a Paralegal that same year. Her outstanding work ethic and exceptional skills quickly caught the attention of her colleagues and superiors, leading to her appointment as the senior paralegal at the firm she worked for. In this role, she was assigned complex and high-exposure matters involving bus and trucking litigation.
Throughout her career, Christine has gained extensive experience in evaluating medical records, handling complex damages cases, and preparing demonstrative trial exhibits and jury presentations. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to analyze complex legal matters have made her an invaluable asset to the legal teams she has been a part of. In a profession where courtroom experience is rare for paralegals, Christine has been fortunate enough to second chair a number of trials, further showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication.
In 2008, Christine played a significant role in establishing The Long Firm, where she continues to excel in her role as a Senior Paralegal and the Firm’s Administrator. Her expertise, combined with her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, has contributed to the firm’s success and reputation.
Outside of work, Christine cherishes spending quality time with her two adult children and grandson. She is passionate about traveling and exploring new destinations, always seeking to broaden her horizons. Recently, Christine has embarked on a new adventure by pursuing her pilot’s license, demonstrating her determination to embrace new challenges and achieve personal growth.
Christine is a resident of the vibrant City of Buffalo, where she actively engages with the local community. Her dedication to her profession, commitment to her family, and zest for life make her an inspiring individual, earning her respect and admiration from peers and colleagues alike.